In an area dominated by national chains, this locally owned gastropub is packing tables with Texas sourcing, clever but restrained dishes and plenty of craft beer. This restaurant could fit comfortably near The Pearl, but instead it does without the Midtown attitude and price tags.
— San Antonio Express News
This Alamo Ranch spot serves up chef-inspired comfort food dishes like fresh takes on fried chicken and shrimp and grits. But the real star is the craft beer menu, much longer than the food menu, that features a unique offering of unexpected brews.
— San Antonio Magazine
The Great Northwest welcomes this small but powerful locally owned gastropub in the Alamo Ranch shopping center, an oasis in a sandy expanse of burgers, barbecue, and franchises. The menu is as small as the space, but what’s there is just as chic, and on-trend.
— Texas Monthly
Hop & Vine features great craft beer, wine and modern comfort food.